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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Window Shopping - Bulgaria style

Shades - Bulgarian Style

Window Shopping - Bulgaria style

Shades - Bulgaria Style
Dear Fashion Lovers,

As you know, I really like Bulgaria and just can't stay away! My first visit was in 2008, a year after the country entered the EU and whilst looking around for clothes, I noticed that the shops were small and the style – Bulgarian!

Shopping sprees in this country threatened to take my look in a whole new direction! Yet, lured by the cheap prices and having the perseverance to hunt around meant that I found those gems eventually!

3 years later and some major changes have occurred as Bulgarian fashion has become more westernised. New shopping centres have begun to open with stores such as Next, Zara, Gap and Benetton. I even found a Valentino in down town Central Sofia along with a myriad of other designer shops which really made me smile!

Yet, as I watch the new movers, shakers and social elite of Bulgaria the good 'ole Bulgarian style still pervades. I can't help but think that there is an element of 80's to their look - and I'm talking the first time around! The business women here are a real joy to observe - all heals, make up tight fitted leather jackets and big hair! And guy watching is just as much fun – there's a real element of leather jackets/coats, open shirts, tight jeans and shades – a little Mafia style – though these guys are not gangsters! They just have a certain rough, rugged manhood to them.

Yes, every time I come here I find that Bulgarian style rubbing off on me! Just the other day, I found myself purchasing some shades that I have seen a lot people here wearing. I just could not resist it – thinking ‘When in Rome!’

Believe it or not, the Bulgarian style is a force to be reckoned with and window shopping here is a total joy!

Hope you like the pics and wishing you ALL the Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

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