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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Win a Free Prada Bag

Dear Fashion Lovers!

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All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Finding Adam at Harewood House

Finding Adam Exhibition at Harewood house

 Me, Suzi and Elaine enjoying our Girls day out! x

 Me and my new Man, Orpheus. If only he were real! lol! x

 The beautifully sculptured Cupid by John Gibson - a work of art....

Dear Fashion Lovers,

This week I had the great pleasure of hanging out with the girls and viewing the ‘Finding Adam’ exhibition by artist and sculptor, Jacob Epstein. His work is showcased at Harewood House along side a vast array of 20th Century art owned by Lord and Lady Harewood.

Although I’m only 20 mins away from Harewood House, the last time I visited was when I was a young girl and used to run around the grounds during cross country PE lessons when I went to Gateways School situated opposite.

Harewood House has changed a bit since then and I was never aware of the vast 20th Century art collection housed there and that Lord Harewood actually still lives at the House with his wife! Whilst viewing the artwork there, the girls and I were also lucky enough to meet Lord Harewood’s lovely female butler, Mollie and his gorgeous dog Lu Lu!

Never one to miss an opportunity, I decided that this was the time to forward my ‘Sistar B Bags’ business card and let Lord Harewood know that if he wanted a 100% authentic designer handbag for his wife – then I was the woman to contact! Lol!

So, if you love your art as much as I do and feel that you would like to visit Yorkshire and get away for the day – make sure to check out Harewood House and discover a little bit of history.

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.