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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Ebay Virgin

Hello Fashion Lovers! :-)

How many years have I been saying that I’m going to start selling on Ebay? Answer – ‘more than I can remember’ yet the other day I decided to make that move and began to post my first items.

With only days left until the auctions come to an end, I must admit that I’m not an ‘Ebay Power Seller’ quite yet! Lol! However, if you’re interested in Fiorelli bags and a Claudia Canova for £1.00 and £1.50 respectively – then click on the links below to bag your bargain.

Happy Shopping and ALL the Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas is Coming! Are you Prepared?

Dear Fashion Lover,

Big Apologies for taking a while to get back to you guys yet in time honoured tradition I’ve been busy as usual and to put it mildly completely surprised at how quickly this year has passed! The fact that Christmas is just around the corner has got me thinking…..

Are you guys prepared? Have you started to purchase presents for your family, friends and loved ones and are you ready to make some savings by purchasing online?

As is always the case, Sistar B Bags has a selection of 100% authentic designer bags wallets and accessories and allows you major savings on designers from PRADA to Fendi, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Ed Hardy and more. We have quality gifts guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your loved ones and have some new PRADA bags that I know you are just going to love!

So what are you waiting for? Go to and find the perfect gifts to make this Christmas one to remember!

All the Very Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Prada Leather Wallet black 

Buy yours HERE

Prada Ruched Nylon Handbag BN1336 - Brown/Gold  

Prada Nylon Handbag BN1924 – Blue

Prada Saffiano Men´s Wallet – Black

Buy yours HERE

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wedding SMILE :-) Alert - 20th August 2011

Dear Fashion Lover,

There is nothing like a wedding to make you smile and last weekend (the same day as Kim Kardashian’s wedding – may I add ) my sister Jane had a very big smile :-) on her face as she finally walked down the isle with her long term boyfriend Chrissy.

The Church at Sharrow was a truly beautiful setting and the wedding breakfast and reception at Hazelwood Castle absolutely stunning as, of course, was the bride. Being a bridesmaid was also great fun and the chance to mingle, meet and catch up with friends and family was an added bonus.

Yes a wonderful time was had by all and I’m happy to report that the smile on my sister’s face was extended even further when she received her wedding pressie from me. “What could that have been” I hear you ask? PRADA of course darling!

Enjoy the photos; take care and ALL the Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Jane and Chrissy - Married Bliss at last! x

Cup Cake Wedding Cake - absolutely delicious!

Me and my Favourite Cuz - its been a long time! x

'Chris and Jane' Wedding Cake - yummy! :-)

 My beautiful bridesmaid niece and the father of the bride

 Catching up with my lovely family is the added bonus of every wedding :-)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dear Fashion Lover,

 Ann Marie J2K and Mindy
 Mr Hamilton Bland
 Some of the LinKenya students
 Our LinKenya canape waiter
 Silent auction goods including framed signed pictures of iconic figures and of course - the PRADA darling! ;-)
Our VIP guests Roll Deep turn up to the after party and get it STARTED!!!!!
 More guests arrive to support the cause

On Saturday 23rd July our supporters came out to celebrate the Linkenya students by attending our Champagne Charity Soiree at the Gore Hotel in Kensington, London.With champagne on ice, the LinKenya soiree was one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse crowds that I have ever had the pleasure to host.

At the beginning of the evening, well respected auctioneer, Mr Hamilton Bland, held his silent auction of world wide famous autographs and photos alongside my PRADA products. And later, our VIP guests Roll Deep - the Urban Music Award-winning London-based grime music collective - really got the party started. With DJ Devastate on the decks and J2K on the mic, there was no better end to an eventful and action packed evening.

If you, like our supporters, would like to help the LinKenya cause then please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to donate securely via paypal.

All the Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Did you miss your Ann Marie and Mindy's invite?

Dear Fashion Lover,

Did you miss your Ann Marie and Mindy invite to the LinKenya Champagne Charity event last Saturday? Not to worry – here it is again and remember – the Champagne Soirees are held annually so remember to look on this blog next year so as not to miss out again!

Big Hug people!

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Party With a Cause

The LinKenya Champagne Soiree Fundraiser is being held this Saturday at the Soiree Bar in Central, Hong Kong.

The PRADA wallet - the M608 is for the ladies and has a value of £210 though you can buy it at Sistar B Bags for £115!

The PRADA wallet - the 2M1189 is for the guys and has a value of £225 though you can buy it at Sistar B Bags for £120!

Hello Fashion Lovers!

As I’m sure you’re aware, I run a charity called LinKenya where my team and I fundraise for disadvantaged orphans in Kenya enabling them access to an education.

We have so much fun raising money for the children and our latest event – a Champagne Soirée - is just around the corner and is being held this Saturday in central, Hong Kong at the ‘Soirée Sensations Bar’.

Of course, Sistar B Bags could not let the event go past without donating for the prize raffle and so all attending will have the chance of winning a 100% authentic Saffiano leather PRADA wallet - the 2M1189 for the guys and the M608 for the girls.

So if any of you Fashionistas are partying in Hong Kong this Saturday – you now know where you can party with a cause.

All The Very Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

And remember if you would like to make a donation and help empower and educate the children of Kenya then click HERE now! Everyone who donates will be automatically placed in to the Sistar B Bags free prize draw to win a PRADA bag!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Win a Free Prada Bag

Dear Fashion Lovers!

The Sistar B Bags competition is still on! Become a follower of this blog NOW to win a free Prada bag! :-)

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Finding Adam at Harewood House

Finding Adam Exhibition at Harewood house

 Me, Suzi and Elaine enjoying our Girls day out! x

 Me and my new Man, Orpheus. If only he were real! lol! x

 The beautifully sculptured Cupid by John Gibson - a work of art....

Dear Fashion Lovers,

This week I had the great pleasure of hanging out with the girls and viewing the ‘Finding Adam’ exhibition by artist and sculptor, Jacob Epstein. His work is showcased at Harewood House along side a vast array of 20th Century art owned by Lord and Lady Harewood.

Although I’m only 20 mins away from Harewood House, the last time I visited was when I was a young girl and used to run around the grounds during cross country PE lessons when I went to Gateways School situated opposite.

Harewood House has changed a bit since then and I was never aware of the vast 20th Century art collection housed there and that Lord Harewood actually still lives at the House with his wife! Whilst viewing the artwork there, the girls and I were also lucky enough to meet Lord Harewood’s lovely female butler, Mollie and his gorgeous dog Lu Lu!

Never one to miss an opportunity, I decided that this was the time to forward my ‘Sistar B Bags’ business card and let Lord Harewood know that if he wanted a 100% authentic designer handbag for his wife – then I was the woman to contact! Lol!

So, if you love your art as much as I do and feel that you would like to visit Yorkshire and get away for the day – make sure to check out Harewood House and discover a little bit of history.

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Weekend Fashionista Fun

Sis and I - Champagne, Fruit on ice and Good music :-)                                      
Our very attentive bar tender. I'm sure he had something to do with that 2nd bottle of Champagne!       
The Lovely Nicky Pattinson - make sure to check her out!

Dear Fellow Fun Seekers!

I can’t believe how quickly the weekend has come back around especially as I had so much fun during the last one!

Last Saturday I found myself hanging with my sister at The Gore Hotel in Kensington, London. We had a seminar to attend early the following day and so decided to have just one drink at the bar. Two bottles of champagne later and we were having a brilliant evening!

As luck would have it, the hang overs were not so bad and we managed to wake up early arriving at the seminar on time. We also had the great fortune of sitting next to and meeting fellow entrepreneur and business woman, Nicky Pattinson. Not only a fellow Northerner, Nicky, is a very colourful character with a great sense of humour and the perfect taste in handbags – that day, both she and I were carrying our PRADAs!

To find out more about the wonderful world of Nicky click HERE to see her website and to check out all the great sales tips she has for all fellow business tycoons.

Until next time, here’s wishing you All The Very Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

p.s – The Sistar B Bags competition is still on! To enter just become a follower of this blog. If you’re already a follower then make a comment to be in with a chance of winning the PRADA MV519 handbag!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Designer Freebies For You and Your Friends

Hi Fashion Lovers!

Do you enjoy winning 100% Authentic Designer goods for free? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Click HERE to become a member and keep updated with all the competitions Sistar B Bags runs and on how to enter them.

So if you love designer goods - what are you waiting for? Become a member of this group now!

Wishing You All Very Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Window Shopping - Bulgaria style

Shades - Bulgarian Style

Window Shopping - Bulgaria style

Shades - Bulgaria Style
Dear Fashion Lovers,

As you know, I really like Bulgaria and just can't stay away! My first visit was in 2008, a year after the country entered the EU and whilst looking around for clothes, I noticed that the shops were small and the style – Bulgarian!

Shopping sprees in this country threatened to take my look in a whole new direction! Yet, lured by the cheap prices and having the perseverance to hunt around meant that I found those gems eventually!

3 years later and some major changes have occurred as Bulgarian fashion has become more westernised. New shopping centres have begun to open with stores such as Next, Zara, Gap and Benetton. I even found a Valentino in down town Central Sofia along with a myriad of other designer shops which really made me smile!

Yet, as I watch the new movers, shakers and social elite of Bulgaria the good 'ole Bulgarian style still pervades. I can't help but think that there is an element of 80's to their look - and I'm talking the first time around! The business women here are a real joy to observe - all heals, make up tight fitted leather jackets and big hair! And guy watching is just as much fun – there's a real element of leather jackets/coats, open shirts, tight jeans and shades – a little Mafia style – though these guys are not gangsters! They just have a certain rough, rugged manhood to them.

Yes, every time I come here I find that Bulgarian style rubbing off on me! Just the other day, I found myself purchasing some shades that I have seen a lot people here wearing. I just could not resist it – thinking ‘When in Rome!’

Believe it or not, the Bulgarian style is a force to be reckoned with and window shopping here is a total joy!

Hope you like the pics and wishing you ALL the Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Beware of Fakes!

Dear Fashion Lovers

On so many occasions you hear the stories of unsuspecting innocent individuals deciding to treat themselves by buying an online designer handbag. Whether it be PRADA, Chloe or Burberry, the list of designers that can be bought online is endless. However, how can you ever know whether the bag you chose is from a reputable company and not just a fly by night set up which has been created to fleece you out of your hard earned cash by selling designer duds?

Check out this well known video on YouTube which shows the sad tale of a lady who was charged full price for an authentic designer PRADA bag yet ended up with a fake!

This video tells a cautionary tale to all you designer bag lovers out there who do not want to be caught out. If this is you – then Beware of fakes and make sure to buy your designer bag from a reputable online store - one that you can trust – Sistar B Bags of course!

All The Very Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fashion Alert – Where’s My Personal Shopper?

Christian Dior Rebelle Handbag Camel Leather
Prada Vela Nylon Doctor Bag BL0397 - Brown
Dior 'Street Chic' Columbus Handbag
Burberry BQL Mini Manor Handbag

Dear Fashionista!

What do you do when you’re life is so hectic that you don’t have the time to shop? When you’re handbag collection is running low and you’re running out of options? Contact Sistar B bags of course – and take advantage of their online personal shopper. She will take you by the (virtual) hand, find out what you’re looking for and source the perfect designer hand bag just for you.

If you would like to take advantage of this brand new service then contact or leave a message on our ‘Contacts’ page.

And remember – just because you do not see your bag on our website does not mean it’s not available. Sistar B Bags is able to source a vast array of designer handbags at discount prices so be sure not to miss out and get in touch now!

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.