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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ed Hardy Messenger Bag Bargains!!!!

Dear Fashion Lover,

The time has come to reveal the new Ed Hardy Bargain which is available to you on the site until stocks run dry. Introducing the 100% authentic Ed Hardy Messenger Bag!

I have three separate designs for you to choose from, ‘Leo Love Kills Slowly, Leo All Over and Leo Tiger’ and all are based on the tattoo designs that have made Ed Hardy a living legend in the industry. This is the perfect gift for the trendy individual who likes to stand out from the crowd. All bags are brand new with tags and enough internal pockets and compartments to keep all your bits and bobs secure, organised and ready to go.

With Ed Hardy logo lining and his signature embroidered on the front – there is no doubt that with this bag you will be rocking an original.

For more information go to

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead

Monday, 22 November 2010

Ed Hardy Comes to Town!

Dear Fashion Lover,

If you haven’t already heard, Ed Hardy is a world renowned tattoo artist with over forty years experience and is nowadays, known for much more than just creating permanent designs on ones skin! In fact, Ed Hardy has created a multi million dollar industry by transferring his (tattoo) designs on to clothes, bags and accessories.

However, not content by taking the fashion industry by storm he has now launched his own energy drink! It was after attending an Ed Hardy Energy Drink Party the other night, that I started to think...

‘Maybe it’s time that I give all my Sistar B Bags customers and all you Ed Hardy fans a real treat?’

To discover more, make sure to keep your eyes peeled here in the next coming days, for a bargain you don’t want to miss!

In the meantime, here’s wishing you ALL The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How To Rock PRADA

Dear Fashion Lover,

Now there’s no hiding the fact that one of my favourite designers is PRADA. As is the case in all the designer bags that I sell, the quality, craftsmanship, material and styling of the product, is first rate. This makes it a joy to carry regardless of where in the world I find myself!

On my latest business trip, I arrived in the Bulgarian village of Yulievo where I enjoyed a really chilled out time mainly due to the ambience of real country living and the villagers who were very welcoming, friendly and hospitable.

Although I would have been better prepared wearing wellies and farmers’ attire, I turned up wearing my jegginns, a Zara top, Schuh boots and of course carrying one of my favourite PRADA bags proving my theory that PRADA can be worn on any occasion!

So, if like me find yourself overdressed in a Bulgarian village in what seems like the middle of nowhere, do not fret just remember that you still have the privilege to rock PRADA!

If you would like your own 100% authentic PRADA bag, then click on the link below…..

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.