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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How To Rock PRADA

Dear Fashion Lover,

Now there’s no hiding the fact that one of my favourite designers is PRADA. As is the case in all the designer bags that I sell, the quality, craftsmanship, material and styling of the product, is first rate. This makes it a joy to carry regardless of where in the world I find myself!

On my latest business trip, I arrived in the Bulgarian village of Yulievo where I enjoyed a really chilled out time mainly due to the ambience of real country living and the villagers who were very welcoming, friendly and hospitable.

Although I would have been better prepared wearing wellies and farmers’ attire, I turned up wearing my jegginns, a Zara top, Schuh boots and of course carrying one of my favourite PRADA bags proving my theory that PRADA can be worn on any occasion!

So, if like me find yourself overdressed in a Bulgarian village in what seems like the middle of nowhere, do not fret just remember that you still have the privilege to rock PRADA!

If you would like your own 100% authentic PRADA bag, then click on the link below…..

All The Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

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