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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Stella McCartney - Amy's Favourite

As you already know, Amy McSweeny is not just Sistar B Bags first ever competition winner she is also Fashion Forward! Find out more about her favourite designer and why, in the final part of our interview…….

“My favourite designer at the moment is Stella McCartney. I always love her collections and her Spring Summer 2010 was absolutely gorgeous as usually. She inspires me because she has her signature sassy style that appears in all her collections as well as setting trends that are on season with feminine touches like her highwaisted silk bottoms with lace top jumpsuit. She is my favourite because she reinvents her designs every season and plays to what is wearable not just couture one of a kind pieces.”

What about you – are you a Stella McCartney fan too? Be sure to let us know…..

All the Best,

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Thank you Fashion Train!

Today, I bring you Part 2 of our interview with Amy. When we asked just exactly how she heard about the Sistar B Bags competition – she had this to say……

“I've recently joined Blog spot and was commenting on an outfit posted by Becca, on her Fashion Train blog. She wrote back thanking me on my post and told me I should check out your blog and PRADA bag giveaway. I loved the blog and so subscribed to it.”

So here’s sending a Big Hug to Becca for forwarding Sistar B Bags our first ever competition winner!

Take care for now!

Ann Marie Broadhead.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Amy's Style - Our First Ever Sistar B Bags Competition Winner!

Hey There!

As you already know, Amy Mc Sweeny won the coveted PRADA MV11 makeup bag in burgundy. Here’s what she said about her win…

"Hey Ann Marie, Oh wow thank you so much :) I feel so privileged winning the first Sistar B Bags giveaway. Yeah sure I don't mind taking a photograph with my new bag when it arrives :)"

and here is another photo of Amy with her PRADA MV11 proving that she not only has style but creativity - check out that arty shot!!!!

Make sure to keep following this blog to find out more about Amy, the Sistar B Bags competition winner.

See you soon!

Ann Marie Broadhead

Monday, 21 June 2010

PRADA MV11 Competiton Update

Hey Fashion Lovers!!!
A Big thank you to all my followers who entered the last Sistar B Bags Competition! The enthusiasm to win the PRADA MV11 make up bag was rife and I must admit that I really enjoyed giving away such a Quality, Authentic and Original prize.

In the end however, there could only be one winner and Amy Mc Sweeny was the fashion forward lovely who ended up with a big smile on her face and the pictures to prove it.

Check out the pics below…..

Ann Marie Broadhead.

The PRADA MV11 - all packed up and ready to go to Amy.......

Amy Mc Sweeny - Sistar B Bags first ever competition winner receives her prize!